Workshops & Training
Learning in groups can be an inspirational and motivating experience. If you have a group or team which you think will benefit from the Five the Steps to Freedom, or if you are interested in joining an upcoming open workshop, get in contact with us for more information.

Unlike mentoring, teaching, counselling or training, coaching helps people find their own solutions through a process of guided questioning and discussion. As an experienced coach, Dr. Paul Wood will guide you through the Five Steps to Freedom, and help you create a personalised programme towards real change. Get in contact with us for more information about personal coaching.

There are times when getting out of your routine to reflect on where you are in life leads to greater personal growth. What’s Your Prison? holds full-day and weekend events that take you through the process of assessment, insight, coaching and discussion. Register to receive updates on future events.

Psychometric Assessment
What’s Your Prison? offers individual and group psychometric assessment services that help people gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses. All assessments are of international standard and delivered in line with best-practice principles and guidelines. Types of assessments available include Emotional Intelligent, Motivational Alignment and Personality. If you would like to be professionally assessed, please get in touch with us

Motivational Speaking
Through his personal experience of growth – from high-school drop out in prison to an accomplished professional in the fields of human development, and industrial and organisational psychology – Dr. Paul Wood’s story of change is unique and inspirational. If you would like Dr. Paul Wood to speak to a group or at an event, please contact us with an inquiry.