Dr. Paul Wood conducts accreditation courses for his unique personal change oriented coaching programme. To register your interest, please use the contact form below.

What’s Your Prison? is a coaching programme that will help you to achieve success with your clients through a structured intervention of five, easy to administer, but highly effective coaching blocks. Built around supported principles of psychology, the Five Steps to Freedom helps coaches work with their clients to identify and break free of their mental prisons and live more rewarding lives.

The accreditation program is comprised of two components: pre-training preparation and four day intensive training.

Pre-training preparation
The first component of the five steps programme involves attendees completing a number of pre-assessments, watching select clips, undertaking a small amount of pre-reading, and engaging in some self-reflection.

Four day intensive training
The second component of the accreditation involves participants attending a four day block accreditation programme. Each day of this programme will introduce participants to the relevant theory behind the step(s) covered that day and provide multiple applied models and processes through which to facilitate a client’s progress through that step. Each day involves the use of case studies, sharing stories, and engaging in reflective practice.

The content is designed to cater effectively to all participants’ learning styles and pace of learning. At the completion of these four days all attendees will understand the theory and research upon which the five steps model is based and be able to use this understanding to affectively customise the most effective approach for unique clients. Each attendee will also be familiar with and have access to a variety of processes and models that can be used to progress clients through the steps. The barriers to sustained positive change and how they are addressed will also form a key component of the content.

The key content covered in the course includes theory, applied models/processes, and useful resources from the following areas:

  • What it means to be an “informed-practitioner”
  • Current ideas of relevance (e.g., neural plasticity and mindsets)
  • Humanistic coaching theory
  • Positive psychology
  • Behavioural-based approaches to coaching
  • The fundamentals of Cognitive Coaching
  • Psychoanalytically informed practice
  • The integration of theory in a goal-focused approach to coaching
  • The psychology of success and goal attainment (tricks and traps)
  • The psychology of making change sustained

While the content of the course include a theoretical overview of the
Five Steps to Freedom, the focus of the content is very much on the application of these steps.

At the completion of these four days participants will begin a peer-coaching relationship that will span a period of six months and enable them to apply what has been learnt and address gaps and barriers while sharing successes and further embedding learning. Graduates of this programme will then become part of a network of accredited coaches and have access to on-going support and research updates that impact on the advancement of their coaching practice.

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